Why Kingsbridge?

Here at Kingsbridge we strive to provide only the best for our customers. From our products to our services, our goal is ensuring customers are completely satisfied with their entire experience here at Kingsbridge.

So, you may be wondering why you should invest in our garden furniture covers. After all, there are so many places to buy your garden furniture covers, what’s so special about us? Well, let us explain why we feel we are the best producers of the garden furniture covers in the UK.

Fantastic Selection of Garden Furniture Covers

We understand garden furniture takes many shapes and forms. One person’s table and chairs set aren’t the same as the next, which is why we’ve created a selection of garden furniture covers to suit all requirements. This includes:

   • Garden table and chair set covers - includes circular, rectangular, and cubed covers for rattan sets.

   • Cantilever parasol covers – perfect for 3m cantilever parasols.

   • BBQ covers - includes both kettle style and grill style barbeque covers!

    •Garden storage bags - handy for storing things like outdoor cushions and pillows!

So, whether you have a classic circular wooden table and chair sets, modern rattan cube furniture, or a small barbeque you want to protect, Kingsbridge has a suitable garden furniture cover.

Made from Premium Quality Materials

The purpose of our products is simple - protect your garden furniture. One way that we manage this is by only using the best materials for the job.

Every outdoor furniture cover we manufacture is made from high-quality fabric, 600D woven polyester with PVC backing. This is one of the best materials available for protecting wood garden furniture as it is entirely waterproof, which is a must given that rain is one of the big offenders when it comes to ruining garden furniture.

Protect Furniture from Water Damage

As a UK business we know all too well about the poor weather. Bad weather greatly reduces the lifespan of garden furniture, with rain, sun, frost, and snow all causing a significant amount of damage over the months and years.

Our garden furniture covers offer complete protection from all of these, giving you the peace of mind that your furniture is safe from the weather and likely to last many years to come.

For instance, rain is one of the leading causes of damaged garden furniture. Water damage causes cracking, warping, and rotting, which is the last thing anyone wants for their garden furniture.

Metal garden furniture is susceptible to rusting when exposed to frequent rainfall, while certain metal coatings are prone to cracking and flaking after constant exposure to water.

With our garden furniture covers, all water damage is avoided thanks to our water-resistant materials. For metal furniture, our covers ensure no lasting damage to the surface or rusting, ensuring it lasts plenty of years without any problems, while we also have air vents and water seals to ensure no water or moisture gets inside the covers.

Avoid Unnecessary Damage to Barbecues

Our BBQ covers are the perfect solution to a lack of storage for your BBQ. Lots of people store their BBQ outside due to a lack of space in the shed or garage, but this is only going to cause it to quickly rust and become unusable.

Water and sun both damage barbeques much like they do garden furniture, so leaving your grill exposes to the elements is never a good idea. Whether you lack storage space or just can’t be bothered constantly moving it to and from storage, our BBQ covers offer complete protection.

Available in kettle and grill shapes, our BBQ covers will ensure it lasts for several years without any sort of rusting or damage, letting you grill up a mean meal when the weather permits it!

UV Coating for Additional Protection

The fabric on all outdoor furniture covers are also treated with UV resistant coating, meaning the covers won’t be damaged from exposure to sunlight, protecting everything underneath from all the elements. Fabric will fade in strong direct sunlight but will remain durable.

No matter the type of garden furniture, whether wooden, plastic, or metal, our covers will do an exceptional job protecting it from the weather, come rain or shine.

Made Using the Best Processes

While we are proud to offer quality materials for our patio furniture covers, this alone does not guarantee protection from the weather. How you use these materials is important, which is why we use the best manufacturing processes on every product.

We only use double stitching to ensure that each cover has the strength to last many years without falling apart. All stitching features a water sealed tape on the inside line of the stitching, further adding to the weather-resistance on every cover.

Additionally, all covers are made with a handy air vent on the fabric that helps to provide airflow and reduce moisture build-ups. Many cheap outdoor furniture covers lack such a feature, leading to a lot of moisture accumulating and causing water damage and even mould. Our covers have no such issue.

Easy to Secure for Better Protection

All too often we see garden furniture covers that don’t have adequate fastening.

This is important to offer the upmost protection, especially around the base of the furniture where moisture and dirt can quickly accumulate.

Kingsbridge garden furniture covers are secured and fastened using rope and toggle or a ball bungee. This allows you to quickly fasten and tighten the cover around all the furniture, offering the best protection possible against the weather.

Storage Bags to Ensure Longevity

Kingsbridge garden furniture covers are long-lasting products - expect to get many years, if not decades of use from them. For instance, we provide each cover with a handy carry bag that makes storing your cover much easier and safer. Because our carry bags are made from the high-quality materials as the covers themselves, they are guaranteed to last a long time when in storage.

No moisture build-ups to cause mould or anything like that, just a premium garden furniture cover that remains in great condition.

Free Standard Delivery and 12 Months Warranty

As UK-based company we also offer fast and efficient deliveries, including a free standard delivery service, which only takes 2-4 business days. We also offer express delivery for just £3.95 should you want your outdoor furniture covers to arrive in 1-2 business days. Additionally, we stand by our commitment to quality by offering an 18 months warranty on all garden furniture covers. We are confident in our products lasting many years, so if something goes wrong then be sure to let us know!